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Enjoy the gift of making prosforo with The Gifted Pan. Based in Canton, Georgia, we offer our prosforo pan to customers worldwide.

What Is Prosforo?

As most Orthodox Christians know, prosforo plays a very important role in each and every Divine Liturgy. The word "prosforo" translates to "altar bread" and is "an offering to God." In consuming prosforo during communion, it becomes a part of us.

Each prosforo is consecrated during Divine Liturgy. When we bake and offer the prosforo to Him, we offer it as a gift of our love for our Lord God. The preparation of prosforo begins with the preparation of the baker, who should be both physically and spiritually clean. Prayers for the baker and the baker’s family are said throughout the preparation. An icon, such as The Bread of Life, and a lighted candle are good to have on your counter during the preparation of these items which instills utmost reverence.


The Gifted Pan
Baking a prosforo is a spiritual event and is not to be seen as a chore, but many worry about producing a legible seal, which can cause stress and anxiety during the baking process. The Gifted Pan makes it easy to bake with joy and confidence, as it produces a clear, beautiful seal every time.

It is an honor to bake your prosforo and know that it is served during the Divine Liturgy to all who accept communion. Let's teach others how to make this wonderful gift and share the joy.

For detailed information on baking prosforo and the Proskomide Service, visit the website of the Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Marietta, Georgia. This site includes a great collection of liturgical orthodox recipes.

You can also view our  recipe for The Gifted Pan along with the Trisagion and Prosforon Prayers.

A Great Gift
Find a great gift for your loved one! The Gifted Pan is beautiful for:

• Gifts of Special Blessings
• Weddings
• Birthdays
• Gifts of Love
• Graduations
• Christmas
• Name Days
• Baptisms
• Easter

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