A Patented Baking Pan for Orthodox Communion Bread

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Prosforo Pan
Put the joy back into baking prosforo with The Gifted Pan. This ingenious pan makes it easy to achieve a clear, readable seal on your
Prosforo every time.

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Find out what bakers are saying about The Gifted Pan. Our testimonials include real feedback from Orthodox priests and bakers who
make prosforo.

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Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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Communion bread is an important part of the Divine Liturgy in the Orthodox Church. The Gifted Pan is a baking pan specifically designed for baking prosforo. Based in Canton, Georgia, our company ships to customers worldwide. The pan is patented, so you won't find anything else like it!

Our founder has been baking prosforo for more than 25 years and knows that achieving a readable seal is often difficult. In 2007, she created The Gifted Pan, which put the joy back into baking. We are now pleased to share this patented pan and accessories with other Prosforo bakers around the world.

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