"The prosfora pan has made it easy to make your offering and bring it to church for the Holy Eucharist. I tried the pan myself and the results are amazing. I am only using prosfora made with the pan for the proskomide because now I can have consistency in the bread and a beautiful seal to make the amnos from."
– Father P., Marietta, Georgia

"When Tina first told me of her idea to make a prosfora pot that had the seal in the bottom, I was immediately excited. I have made bread on and off for our Divine Liturgies for many years, and have never been able to keep a good seal on the bread. With Tina's pot I had hope. Tina lent me one of the prototype pots and on the first and second attempts at making bread, the seal came out as good as any prosfora bread I have ever used in our services. I see the pot as a great gift to all novice and master prosfora bread makers who can 'get it right' from the start. The pot is solid, and I love the fact that it has a nonstick coating as the bread seal fell right out of the pot when it had baked. Thank you Tina for following through with your inspired idea."
– Father Jacob Myers, St. John the Wonderworker Orthodox Church, Atlanta, Georgia

(May Father Myer's memory be eternal.)

"Dear Tina,

"Your pan truly is a gift. I love it so much that I've ordered 2 more (we usually do 3 loaves per weekend).

"I've been baking prosforon for years, too, and have always been made anxious and frustrated by the unpredictability of the final product. I agree that interferes with the prayerful attitude we should bring to this offering. You've freed me to be single-minded and prayerful as I make this bread. Many thanks and blessings!"
– Carol F., Maryland

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